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Mastering Mortgage Rate Fluctuations: A Homebuyer’s Essential Guide

Mortgage interest rates may be on the decline, which is certainly good news for homeowners. However, navigating through the fluctuations of the market can sometimes feel unsettling. Here are some strategies to help you insulate against changing interest rates and make informed decisions: Consider Porting Your Mortgage: If you're contemplating a move but want to retain your current, lower-rate...

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What is a reverse mortgage?

If you have paid off most or all of your mortgage, being a homeowner affords you more choices when it comes to funding your retirement. An ageing population contending with rising retirement costs is driving growth in the market for equity release schemes. One such scheme, that allows you to release equity from your home while you're still living in it, is a reverse mortgage, also called a lifetime...

UK house prices flatline as mortgage rates rise, says Nationwide

UK house price growth flatlined in September with a stronger slowdown expected in the coming months as a combination of soaring inflation and mortgage rates makes moving unaffordable for many. The latest snapshot from the building society Nationwide comes at the end of a torrid week for the housing industry as lenders pulled 40% of available mortgages from the market after Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget...

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