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Warren Property Matters are now offering 360° virtual tours with each and every new property we list. Our 360° virtual tour service gives buyers a better understanding of your home before they view, meaning we are receiving viewings from better qualified buyers who are more likely to make an offer.

Pre-qualified buyers

360° virtual tours are intended to be a first viewing, so the purpose is not to eliminate your in-person viewings, but merely to ensure that these second, physical viewings are better qualified. Listings with 360° virtual tours can attract up to 49% more buyers and sell 5 times faster. Buyers can revisit your property time and time again to check and double check how they want their new home furnished when they buy. This all helps with the buying process and helps your property to stand out from those that don’t have the ability to be seen again through a virtual tour.

How is it created?

A Virtual Viewing is a 3D image of your property that can be viewed in a virtual reality system. Using the latest Matterport cameras, we are able to provide the most accurate digital representation of your property. The camera’s multiple sensors measure each room’s spatial depth and distance and construct a 3D model where each room can be walked through with a 360° orientation.

Why use Virtual Viewings?

On average it takes 25 viewings per property to sell a home. A Virtual Viewing is produced just once at the outset, creating an online ‘viewing ready’ property which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This will ultimately filter out those viewings which have no potential and reduces the time necessary to prepare for each viewing.

What do you need to do to prepare?

An average family home property will take around 2 hours to be scanned by the cameras. Before the visit the property ideally needs to be prepared as if you have a viewing. The Matterport cameras take a 360° scan of each room, so it is important that the room is as de-cluttered as possible with valuables removed and ideally there should be no guests or pets visiting whilst filming is taking place, then a 3D model of each room can be walked through with a 360° orientation.

The full 3D experience

The end product is a 3D walkthrough of each room and space, enabling buyers or tenants to fully explore a property; entering and exiting rooms, going up and downstairs and entering outdoor spaces, such as terraces and gardens. The scans also create an accurate 3D dolls house version of the floor plan. The Virtual Viewing will be supported in all browsers and will be hosted on and all three major property portals, Rightmove, Boomin and The Virtual Viewing can be viewed on any digital device and also through 3D headsets for a more immersive experience.

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