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Management of residential blocks of apartments
on behalf of private Property Management companies.

Block of Flats Management is one of our key services. Our dedicated team of property experts aim to provide a personal and professional service to facilitate the management of your block of apartments or private estate. We believe that efficient management can only be achieved by establishing a good working relationship with residents, having regard to provisions contained within leases and relevant legislation.

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Block Management Services

Warren Property Matters are specialists in hands-on block management for purpose-built apartment blocks.

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Block Management Frequently Asked Questions

In many cases the responsibility for the upkeep and administration of a Residential Block is left to the residents who, through no fault of their own, may have little experience in property management or the complexities related to the running of a Limited Company. A competent Block Manager can take care of these responsibilities and ensure professionalism and integrity. Warren Property Matters offer a complete Block Management service, which takes care of the day to day management of blocks of all sizes.

Recognizing the unique nature of each Residential Block, we understand that specific requirements vary. Our commitment is to provide tailored solutions that align with the distinct needs of your property. We welcome the opportunity to conduct an on-site assessment, meeting property owners if desired, and outlining our services. During this, we offer a concise evaluation of the building’s requirements along with a budgetary overview. Importantly, this consultation comes with no obligation or upfront costs, reflecting our dedication to transparency and client satisfaction

The transition to a new Block Manager is a process that can differ based on the unique characteristics of your block and the specific details outlined in your Lease documentation. To better assist you, we might request a copy of your lease, allowing us to provide tailored advice on the process. Rest assured, we are here to guide and support you at every step, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition.

Over the years, we’ve gathered a wealth of feedback from individuals disheartened by their experiences with larger, Block Management firms. Common concerns include subpar service, deteriorating conditions in communal areas, lack of communication, and unjustifiable charges. At Warren Property Matters, we set ourselves apart with a distinct approach to Block Management—one that’s personal, professional, and committed to fostering positive relationships with property owners. At Warren Property Matters you are not just a client; you have your dedicated point of contact, ensuring clear communication and a personalized experience. Experience the difference with us—a Block Management service that prioritizes your satisfaction.

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