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Selling Your Property At Auction With Us

Warren Property Matters are a partner agent of Auction Property UK, a leading nationwide property auction group which combines Fairview’s essential local knowledge and reputation with a strong, established national presence.

You can sell with certainty

Ever been through the rollercoaster of selling your property, getting an offer accepted on your dream home, only to face the crushing disappointment of a collapsed sale in the final stretch? It’s an all-too-familiar scenario where a buyer somewhere in the chain decides to withdraw, leaving you in limbo.

Enter the auction process – your shield against such uncertainties. When a buyer commits to bidding and the reserve price is met or surpassed, a legal commitment to complete the purchase is made. No more sleepless nights worrying about last-minute setbacks. With a fixed auction date, you can confidently make plans, free from the anxiety of unexpected pitfalls and the specter of a deal falling through. Your peace of mind is our priority.

You can achieve the best price

If your property has the right mix of attributes (i.e. a great location, the possibility to improve and the potential for great rental yields), you just might achieve a higher price than you expected. Auctions are competitive by nature and require quick, instinctive decisions and when there are more potential buyers for a property – this may drive the price up.

You can set a reserve price

In a property auction, the reserve price serves as the seller’s safety net – it is the minimum amount you are willing to accept for your property. This price is confidential, known only to you and the auctioneer, and is established before the auction kicks off. Throughout the auction, the auctioneer will actively seek higher bids, aiming to meet or surpass the reserve price.

What Sells at Auction?


* Residential

* Commercial

* Land – with or without Planning Permission

* Properties that failed to sell on the open market

* Properties likely to attract competition from buyers because of their uniqueness, attraction and location

* Development opportunities

* Tenanted properties

* Ground rents

* Repossessions

* Flats with short leases or above commercial premises

* Unusual/hard to value properties e.g. former pubs, toilet blocks, theatres, schools, chapels, speculative parcels of land etc.

* Probate or executor sales

* Properties in need of modernisation or repair

Choosing us, partnered with a leading, national Auctioneers, Auction Property UK, provides;

* Local expertise and national coverage

* The best of both worlds – our local buyers plus national database of auction buyers

* National and local advertising and PR

* Comprehensive full-colour catalogues/details – printed & online

* E-marketing campaigns

* Block viewings

* Links to and from our members’ websites

* Links to and from prime property portals

* Frequency of auctions

* Downloadable legal packs online

* Member network provides wider visibility for your property

* Landmark auction locations

* Auctions can be viewed live online

* Expert local knowledge

* Valuation Service

* Extensive database of potential buyers, investors and developers

* Experienced in residential, commercial property and land

* National network

* Wide portfolio of properties

* Landmark central auction locations with good parking and travel links

* Highly effective marketing programme to attract buyers

* Comprehensive legal and administration systems

* Frequent auctions

* Auctions can be viewed live online

* FREE advice

Sell your property at Auction for a fast and certain sale!



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