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Moving home for a new job can be time consuming, but with the right help we can make all the difference. Based on your exact needs, our experts create a brief, find you a home, then get to work on the finer details.



Landlords often request corporate tenants for their properties as they are aware that, generally, rent is paid in full, on time and that their rental return is maximised. Properties let to corporate tenants are usually well maintained and looked after as the occupants are a reflection of the company they work for. Corporate tenants are often contracted to work for several years, minimising void periods for landlords.

Our Corporate Lettings department work with a range of corporate tenants, from bankers, company directors and diplomats. 

Recent corporate tenancies have included Amazon UK, AstraZeneca, Unilever, Diageo and Netflix.

Often these companies and corporate clients require a professional contact for the duration of their tenancy should they have any queries or if any works are required during the tenancy, with their preference being to move into a property that is managed by Warren Property Matters.

For more information on our Corporate Services department please get in touch with us either by telephone on 01753625101 or email

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