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Finding a Home for Your Parents to Move in to

Your parents took care of you when you were young and now you want to repay the favour by finding them the perfect place to live, but where do you start? When searching for someone else’s home, it’s important to put yourself in their shoes and take every aspect of their lifestyle into account. Here are some things you’ll need to consider… Staircase or bungalow? Think about practiality. If your...

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London house prices climb despite interest rate hikes and cost-of-living crisis

London house prices have risen 2.1 per cent in the last month, the biggest monthly increase of any UK region, according to new Rightmove research based on asking prices. Annually, this means that the capital has seen a 6.9 per cent rise in the value of its homes to an average of £682,499. This is despite the dual economic pressures of higher interest rates making mortgage borrowing more...

Drake rumoured to be mystery buyer of multi-million pound Hackney villa

A multi-million pound mansion in Hackney renovated by one of the owners of a hipster mini chain of bars has sold on social media, with rumours circulating that the buyer is none other than Drake. While Mr Bates would not reveal who the buyer of the six-bedroom property is, the Hackney rumour mill is wild with speculation that Drake could be moving into the area. It would not be the Canadian...

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Eight tricks to spruce up your garden to help sell your home

Whilst it’s important to spend time making sure the inside of your home is as presentable as possible before opening your doors to potential buyers, it’s often the case that the garden is forgotten about. When viewing a property, potential buyers will be keen to see everything that’s on offer, that means both the interior and the exterior spaces will be considered. In order for sellers to give...

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Top tips to declutter your home for viewings and photography

You only get one chance to make a good first impression and a picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure your home looks its best before it’s photographed and viewings begin. It’s often the case that the images of your property are the first thing prospective buyers or renters see when they’re browsing through listings, so it’s important to grab their attention for the right reasons. Once...

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