Goverment Supporting New Planning Applications

Aerial view to a meadow near Tonbrodge, Kent, UK. British aerial green view of the countryside.

The Government has announced today (13 February 2024) that every council in England will be told that they will need to prioritise brownfield developments and instructed to be less bureaucratic and more flexible in applying policies that halt house building on brownfield land, as part of its long-term plan for housing.

Building homes on ‘brownfield land’ will be turbocharged under a major shake-up to planning rules to boost house building while protecting the Green Belt.

The bar for refusing brownfield plans will also be made much higher for those big city councils who are failing to hit their locally agreed house building targets. Planning authorities in England’s 20 largest cities and towns will be made to follow a ‘brownfield presumption’, if house building drops below expected levels. This will make it easier to get permission to build on previously developed brownfield sites, helping more young families to find a home.

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