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Tom Cruise has been famous for pretty much our entire lives, so yeah: the dude is rich. And not just normal ~celebrity millionaire~ rich. Tom is worth over half a billion dollars thanks to his lengthy career as a permanent A-lister. This man has been in some of the highest grossing films quite simply ever, which is his main source of income

Tom Cruise has garnered a huge fan base from his filmography and philanthropy in real life. From doing action flicks to thrillers to drama, this actor has been a heartthrob for generations. Apart from his career, his lifestyle and fashion, the audience has always been curious about the houses he owns. With the amount of hard work that the actor has done over the years, he has smartly invested in various properties. In this blog, we will cover everything about Tom Cruise’s houses and luxurious investments.

Tom Cruise’s House – English Estate, West Sussex

Tom Cruise's House – English Estate, West Sussex
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It didn’t come out to be a big surprise when Tom Cruise bought a property in Dorman’s Park situated in the English countryside in West Sussex. The place is famously known as Rede Place. Having a background in scientology, the actor purchased a property near the church’s remarkable English estate, the Saint Hill Manor. This place is located down the road from the very famous British headquarters. The news came out in the year 2006 when the actor was reported to invest about $ 4.2 million in this beautiful mansion.

This lavish mansion has been made beyond 14-acres of the area that flaunts of 11,331 magnificent interiors. Tom Cruise’s house was formed back in 2003, which makes him the first owner of the place. Considering how old the mansion is, the place still has some stimulating features to showcase.

Tom Cruise's House – English Estate, West Sussex 2

When it comes to the interiors of this house, there is a lot to be revealed. The house is a perfect combination of both worlds. It radiates dramatic patterns, as it has been beautifully combined with the art decor made up of traditional elements. Apart from this, the interior decor is fascinating, from natural accent timbers and cross-beamed ceilings to the sound system and lightings that complement each other well. With 8 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, the sprawling space is divided amongst the main house and a guest pavilion.

The other attachment to the house is the basement level which is a new world in itself. It includes everything an individual requires to comfort and entertain themselves. From a movie theatre to a gaming space to a big dance studio, the elements fill this space with excitement. The floor has many living rooms along with a seasoned kitchen that opens to another space- the garden.

The top floor on the other hand is completely assigned to the master suite and private sitting space.

The outdoors of the house include a swimming pool, a hot water tub and a tennis court. Knowing the fact that this is a house that belongs to one of Hollywood’s biggest stars calls for more security and Cruise has that on point – with electric gates of security to various CCTV cameras all over the place, the actor has his security tight.

Tom Cruise’s House – Florida, USA

Cruise owns another property that is just a few steps away from the same Church headquarters in Florida. A 2-story high-rise apartment, Tom Cruise’s house is said to be constructed by the richest Scientologist- Moises Agami. Also known as the ‘Sky View’ building, this 10-story complex proposes about thirty-six condos where Tom Cruise has the top 2 floors occupied by himself. Hence, the actor has a wonderful view at all times of the day.

Apart from this, the building also has some other amazing facilities to offer, which include a lavish swimming pool outdoor, a pool garden, and an open-air kitchen. Like other houses or apartments that the actor owns, Tom Cruise also has a strict security system, along with a movie theatre and a car elevator.

Tom Cruise's House – Florida, USA

The penthouse is undergoing renovation and reports suggest that Tom Cruise’s house will be completed by adding some major features which include his private pool, solarium, a bar, a hot water tub, a deck on his rooftop, gym and lastly his own space for work.

Tom Cruise House – Colorado, USA

Tom Cruise House – Colorado, USA
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This apartment is situated in Colorado and is an escape from daily life for the actor. Known as Tom Cruise’s vacation home, it is fully covered by rolling mountains all around. The place also has a perfect hiking spot and is great for outdoor activities as well.

The apartment has a great mountain range view that is visible from the balcony & patios of the house.

Image Source httpswwwtownandcountrymagcom

As far as the interiors are concerned, the house is entirely based on natural and neutral colour tones. It has a large-sized dining space that includes the dining area of both the main and guest house. The architecture is vibrant yet has comfortable tones to make the entire abode look subtle. The interiors have cedar timbers along with native stones. The dining area has enough space that makes the room perfect for their entertaining night.

 The house also has a separate fireplace to hold up to the cold that the city offers by providing the actor with warmth. Also, the classic wooden kitchen setup goes well with the rest of his house.

 Apart from this, the house also has other facilities similar to the rest of Tom Cruise’s homes. These facilities are the gym area, a library, and a recreation room.

Tom Cruise’s Beach House

The Mission Impossible actor clearly loves the sea and tries to spend time on beaches. Following his love for the ocean blues, Tom Cruise’s beach house in the USA is a visual treat to the eyes. While not much information is available about the beach house, Tom loves to vacation at seaside retreats.

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